Respect And Responsibility

Much of our work in class will be collaborative and discussion-oriented. You will handicap not only yourself but your classmates if you are not prepared. If you are having difficulties with a peer, contact me as soon as possible so that the situation might be resolved. A collegial environment stimulates the best kind of learning, so we should all work to treat each other with respect, honesty, and good will - and this goes for our relationship, as well!

Please be sure, on all your electronic correspondence with me, to write with care and thought—this is a form of writing, after all! And if you do not include your name and indicate which course you are taking, I will not know who is writing me….

If you have any questions or concerns at all, it is imperative that you come and see me about them! Otherwise, I will not know, and will therefore have no opportunity to address them.

Intellectual honesty is the bedrock of communal learning and collegiality; plagiarism is unethical, dishonest, and disrespectful. Further, it is rude to the author whose work was stolen, the classmates who completed their work honestly, and the professor, who knows full well how to detect it! I will refer misuse of sources to the Academic Integrity panel. To put this in perspective, two findings of intellectual dishonesty result in automatic dismissal or suspension from the University. When in doubt, cite everything—or, of course, see me!

Your responsibilities include

  • coming to class prepared,
  • staying awake and on task,
  • contributing to the discussion,
  • fulfilling your assignments on time and to the best of your ability,
  • seeking out the help you need,
  • asking questions when something is unclear,
  • treating the classroom - wherever that may be - as a learning environment populated with peers who are all there for the same goals,
  • respecting different views but dialoguing openly and honestly with them where possible, and
  • remembering that I am a real person!

My responsibilities include:

  • coming to class prepared,
  • staying awake and on task,
  • facilitating, moderating, and contributing to the discussion,
  • creating a syllabus that seeks to fulfill in an interesting manner the goals of a liberal education within my area of expertise,
  • developing and administering exams that seek to consolidate your knowledge,
  • crafting useful and thought-provoking assignments and reading selections,
  • grading assignments honestly, fairly, and with my full attention,
  • returning them in a timely fashion,
  • treating the classroom - wherever that may be - as a learning environment populated with individuals who are all there for the same goals,
  • striving to share my knowledge, skill, and curiosity with you, and
  • remembering that you are individuals who take several other classes besides mine!

If these lists don't sound like your cup of tea, please reconsider whether you want to be in my class.

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