Participation, Posts & Responses, Screenings and Live Performance Event

Grade Percentage

15% of the Total Grade. If you earn an average grade, a C, on this portion of the total grade and an above-average B on all other portions of the total grade, that final grade will be an 83%. If you are in class and participate excellently every day but complete none of the weekly posts and replies (assuming Bs on all other assignments), your final grade will be 77%, or a C.

Weekly Discussion Board Posts and Replies


Each week, I ask that you use the Bb discussion board feature to post a thought-out comment about or response to your reading, stimulated by a writing prompt on Blackboard. From time to time, I will ask that you reply to a peer's response instead. These responses must be visible on Blackboard by the Tuesday before class, and each one should be at least 200-250 words. This term, you have only one long, formal writing assignment, which can itself be optioned for a performance project; these responses, coupled with the exams, may be all the substantial writing you do this term, so I am grading them accordingly.


From time to time, I will ask that you make one substantial, considered reply to a peer's previous discussion board post instead of an individual post, as above. In these replies, you can add something that your peer missed; you can take your peer's post one or two steps further; you can point out a flaw or a useful, interesting observation and describe why you felt that way. These replies should be at least 200 words in length.

Policies on Attendance and Participation

Your participation is crucial to your learning and success in this course, and I do keep track of who participates, who participates well, and who participates poorly. Absences, incomplete or ineffective, participation, and disruptive behavior will lower your participation grade, making part of the 15% noted on your syllabus.

Complete participation means having carefully completed the reading and writing assignments for the day; taking notes and making observations about your own interests and needs; being an active participant in the class by asking questions based on your reading, your interests, your needs; contributing fully to group projects and activities; turning your written assignments on time; and being respectful toward your peers and your instructor.

Film Screenings

I've scheduled several film screenings for our class throughout the term on Mondays from 12:30 - 2:30. The Rover, The Beggar's Opera, and A Doll's House will be required, but I know that some cannot make these screenings; in that case, you can Netflix, rent, or check out from the library the films. On other screening dates, I've set up one optional, extra credit screening for our class; to get the extra credit, I ask that you not only attend the screening but complete a brief Bb posting TBA. These screenings are important for ensuring that the content of the plays is grasped; additionally, they offer an interpretation in film that allows us to discuss issues of staging, as we would for live performances.

Live Performance

Other Activities

I may from time to time give quizzes, in-class activities, or other smaller homework assignments beyond the reading for the day. Note: I give quizzes when it seems that reading hasn't been done, so you can help avoid them!

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