Live Performance Fieldtrip

As you can likely tell from the list of required texts, I've organized our readings around performance events in the DC metropolitan area. As a group, we'll be attending at least one and, depending on your interests, maybe two live performances. This will require your commitment to the class. If we go as a group, the Department of Language and Literature will be subsidizing about half the price of our tickets.

This term, I've asked that you complete two performance reviews as part of your total grade; you may write one on a film shown for the class, but the second must be a review of a live performance. If you choose to attend more than one live performance, you may write the second review about that, as well. I will give extra credit for those who attend more than one live performance!

One Required Performance:

Dog in the Manger: Shakespeare Theater, Washington, DC

Date and time TBA—preview week is SOLD OUT!

I will collect $15 from each person committed to going as a group in the first weeks of class. We can go out for a bite to eat, afterwards, and chat about the play if you want, too!

If you're not able to go with the group, please be sure to see the play by that date at your leisure. You can purchase 1/2 price tickets at the box office the day of the performance, reduced price tickets from THE TICKET PLACE (google it!), or pay full price—I think student tickets are usually a bit discounted, anyway. Unfortunately, I can only get group rates for the group.

Extra Credit Performances:

'Tis a Pity She's a Whore: CenterStage, Baltimore, MD

I am planning to go on Sunday, March 15, at 2:00. You might consider carpooling, if a group of students is interested in attending. I strongly encourage that you go see this play, as I don't have a film version of it and it's a bit difficult to follow.

Lysistrata: Davis Performing Arts Center, Georgetown University

March 27 – April 5, 2009

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