Regular attendance is required in the course. Students who are frequently late or absent may be contacted by the office of the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs under Marymount’s pilot Early Warning System to identify students at risk.

Each student has one “free” class; each additional absence will lower your final grade by 1/3 of a letter grade. After four absences, you will not be able to pass the course. This is a weekly class, so we will feel the weight of each absence.

I will only excuse absences for serious, documented reasons.

In the event of an absence, it is your responsibility to speak with a peer to get notes, homework assignments, and so on. I cannot give you daily assignments weeks in advance.

If you are absent on the day you are scheduled to present to the class, you will not be able to make up the work and your grade will be a 0 unless you submit a doctor’s note.

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